Lofty Kingdom
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Magic and intrigue await


The princess is missing, the king has placed you in charge, and the only way you're going to manage the kingdom is by putting on your detective hat and getting to work. There's a mystery here, but you won't make it far without the economic acumen needed to run a kingdom.

Oh yes, and you're a witch.

Lofty Kingdom combines aspects of the farming, memory game, and RPG genres to craft an experience geared towards casual but thought provoking play.

Augmented Reality capable on supported devices, bringing your game to the real world.

Enjoy a whole 10 levels of content, and hundreds of hours of gameplay, all for free.

Multiple sub-plots that are dynamic and branching, tying together into a great catastrophe.

Dr. Treble
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Design your kingdom how you want, with a variety of buildings, themes, and optional AR functionality.

Stay engaged with the brain teasing activities that separate building upkeep from being simple rote behavior.

Will you be able to solve the land's great mysteries, and bring a new era to the kingdom?